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Performed by ZikkaZimba Productions

Playwright: Percy Mtwa, Mbongeni Ngema, and Barney Simon // Director: Donovan Graham

Woza Albert! Like you have never seen it before! Two white lads, Tim Redpath of the acclaimed Prodigal & Mouche and comic genius Ryan Dittmann team up to bring you a power-packed physical tour de force of this classical black protest theatre production.

A comical 2-hander co-created & performed by Mbongeni Ngema & Percy Mtwa under the guidance & direction of Barney Simon. Woza Albert! debuted at the (racially integrated) Market Theatre in 1981. A foul smell under the nose of the apartheid regime, the play was a controversial protest piece against the atrocities perpetrated against the black people of South Africa at the time. The story follows the second coming of Christ, as Morena, who is labelled as a terrorist by the government and sent to Robben Island for his anti-apartheid influences. As an originally workshopped piece of South African protest theatre, by members of the oppressed during apartheid rule, Woza Albert! is a definitive part of our national and cultural heritage.

Other Highlights

ZikkaZimba performed the production Woza Albert! at our IEB annual drama conference. The cast’s enthusiasm, talent and ability to engage with a big rowdy teenage audience was fantastic and to date students still talk about their unique and original theatrical style. Highly recommended!

Duration: 50 minutes

Grades: Grade 7 - Grade 11

Language(s): English

Curriculum Connection:

Themes covered: , , , , ,

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