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Performed by Richard Antrobus’ OddBody Theatre

Playwright: Richard Antrobus // Director: Richard Antrobus

Emily Jade was no ordinary child…

She was shy and timid but adventurous and wild.

She was odd-looking, unpopular but also quite smart,

Despite failing Science, Geography, Maths, History & Art.

You see, Emily could not stay focused – a major flaw –

She never stopped daydreaming – not ever, at all.

Young Emily, who always ‘has her head in the clouds’, decides to take up the challenge of ending the drought once and for all. She invents a marvellous machine which she flies across the African continent in search of rain clouds.

Physical theatre (Avril Cummins) combines with ‘documentary-style’ video footage, a simple, creative set, and heaps of imagination. This educational and whimsical fantasy delivers a strong message of hope, resilience and empowerment.

“The Cloud Catcher” has been performed across South Africa, including at the Assitej World Conference (2017), entertaining and educating young audiences about the drought affecting much of the country.

Performed by Avril Cummins

Audience Comments

“I really liked the combination of video and acting” Audience member (aged 5-10) from National Arts Festival 2018

“Thoroughly enjoyed the show – very imaginative”  Audience member (aged 50+) from National Arts Festival 2018

“This was wonderful! Tying together so many NB topics and age appropriate interests. We are going home to build a cloud catcher right now” Audience member (aged 31-50) from National Arts Festival 2018

“Very educational and sweet, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves” Audience member (aged 21-30) from National Arts Festival 2018

Duration: 40 minutes

Age Range: 1 year - Adult

Language(s): English

Curriculum Connection: , , , ,

Themes covered: , , ,

Festivals Attended/Performances at:

  • South African National Arts Festival 2018
  • ASSITEJ Cradle of Creativity 2017

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