A Tale of Horribleness

Performed by: The Space Behind The Couch

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A Tale of Horribleness is fantastical children’s theatre aimed at ages six to twelve, but is also suitable for the whole family. Inspired by the writings of celebrated author Tove Jannsen and brought to the stage by the creative team of The Space Behind The Couch, the show features a variety of creature puppets, original animation and plenty of surprises. This is original children’s theatre that does not talk down to its audience but rather represents children as they are and explores the way that children view the world… with an unflinching belief that everything in our imagination can be made real… and it isn’t always pleasant. While the presentation is magical and childlike, the themes interwoven throughout are delve much deeper… exploring the bonds of family and friendship, the need to escape from reality and the effects of losing a loved one… because of this, it is theatre that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Tale of Horribleness is the story of the second to youngest Whomper child with a big imagination who, along with the irritating mymble girl from next door and his pet ferret Gary, travels through made up worlds and battles strange and horrible creatures in order to rescue his baby brother from the dreaded Aichump! Throughout his journey he encounters Mud Snakes, Giant Tarantulas, a pair of shell shocked Australian soldiers, screecher birds and invisible fungi, brought to life through creative puppetry and animation.

The show was written, designed and animated by The Space Behind The Couch (Beren Belknap, Merryn Carver and Jeremy Carver), the creative team behind such shows as Madame Touxflouwe and Out Of Order… and features the skills of puppeteer and actor Gabriel Marchand and newcomer Joanna Evans…


55 minutes
Recommended Age:
6 years – 12 years
Recommended Grade:
Grade 2 – Grade 5
English (first language) No second language listed.
Curriculum Connection:
Themes Covered:
Theatre 4 Youth