Performed by: Well Worn Theatre Company

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A forlorn creature gathers itself together, slowly rising out of the discarded detritus of humanity. Gaining consciousness and determined to live, it tumbles over the landscape, hurtling downriver and out into the ocean to meet a vast, swirling petrochemical ooze. In its mind a single thought forms: who am I?

PLASTOCRACY is the name of a play by Well Worn Theatre Company which toured high schools in South Africa in 2017, and will continue a short tour in 2018. The play speaks about a world gone plastic mad and the catastrophic impact that plastic pollution has on our earth’s eco-systems, especially our oceans! A play to meet like-minded people, ask questions, and share information and ideas for action around plastic pollution. Join the conversation. Make that change. Just say NO to single-use plastic. Make better consumer choices TODAY. #ThereIsNoAway

Poster Image by Tamara Reddy

For more information or to book ‘Plastocracy’, please e-mail: Or call/sms: 081 893 3633


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