Once Upon a Fire

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Once upon a fire

Once Upon a Fire is a dance and story-telling production aimed at children and families. 3 Performers will delve into the treasure trove of stories from our continent and beyond and weave them together into a new story, celebrated in dance. This cross-disciplinary production combines dance, traditional storytelling, object play, vocal mis-en-scene, physical characterisation and comedy.


70 minutes
Recommended Age:
6 years – 14 years
Recommended Grade:
Grade 1 – Grade 9
English (first language) / Zulu (second language) / (Additional Language/s)
Curriculum Connection:
Creative Arts, Dance Studies, Dramatic Arts, Life Orientation/Life Skills, Natural Sciences, Visual Arts
Themes Covered:
Body awareness, Change, Creativity, Cultural diversity, Gender roles, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Identity, Imagination, Life skills, Relationships, Tolerance