Zastron (incl Matlakeng) (FS) Free State

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Zastron is a small agricultural town in the Free State, some 30 km from the border of Lesotho. It is situated at the foot of Aasvoëlberg (Vulture Mountain), named for the rare Cape vultures attracted by a feeding project a short distance out of town. A curious rock formation in the mountain, Die Oog (The Eye), has been adopted as the town's unofficial emblem. Includes the township of Matlakeng.

The town was founded in 1876 on the farm Verliesfontein, and named after the maiden name of President Brand's wife, Johanna Sibella Brand, née Zastron.

Estimated Population: 16000

District Municipality: Xhariep District Municipality

Local Municipality: Mohokare Local Municipality

Provincial Representative: ​Styx Mokejane,

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