Leeudoringstad North West

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Leeudoringstad (Afrikaans for Lion thorn city) is a small farming town situated on the main Cape Town - Johannesburg railway line in North West Province of South Africa.

Leeudoringstad was established in 1920 and named after the Lion-thorn tree. The town hit the headlines on 17 July 1932 when a train carrying 320 to 330 tons (previously incorrectly stated as 1,200 tons) of dynamite from the De Beers factory at Somerset West to the Witwatersrand exploded and flattened the town. Five people were killed.

Estimated Population: 5000

District Municipality: Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality

Local Municipality: Maquassi Hills Local Municipality

Provincial Representative: Tiego Shametja, northwest@nulltheatre4youth.co.za

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