KwaDukuza (formerly Stanger) KwaZulu Natal

Schools, Theatre Companies and Facilitators in KwaDukuza (formerly Stanger), KwaZulu Natal.

KwaDukuza (also known as Stanger) is a town in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. In 2006, its official name was changed from Stanger to KwaDukuza, but the Zulu people in the area called it "Dukuza" well before then, and many South Africans still use the name "Stanger" (see below). "Stanger" has also been used on new road signs in the area.

Estimated Population: 60000

District Municipality: ILembe District Municipality

Local Municipality: KwaDukuza Local Municipality

Provincial Representative: Pauline Dalais,

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