Hennenman (incl Phomolong AKA Vergenoeg) Free State

Schools, Theatre Companies and Facilitators in Hennenman (incl Phomolong AKA Vergenoeg), Free State.

Hennenman is a small town in the Free State goldfields. The settlement is unusual for the district as being supported by agriculture rather than the mining industry. The town was built as a single railway station and was formerly denoted as Ventersburg Road, but was renamed Hennenman in 1927, after local Afrikaner P.F. Hennenman, from Swartpan Farm. Includes the township of Phomolong .

In 1944, black South Africans were confined to a segregated enclave in southern Hennenman. During apartheid, this area was cleared by order of the government and nearly all then-residents relocated to a new township some fifteen kilometres away, Vergenoeg (Afrikaans for "Far enough", now Phomolong).

Estimated Population: 25000

District Municipality: Lejweleputswa District Municipality

Local Municipality: Matjhabeng Local Municipality

Provincial Representative: ​Styx Mokejane, freestate@nulltheatre4youth.co.za

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