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Bungeni Limpopo

Schools and Theatre Companies in Bungeni, Limpopo

Bungeni is a large sprawling rural settlement situated on top of one of the foothills of the Soutpansberg mountain in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo. Bungeni is a Super village ruled by Hosi Bungeni, broken down into 21 sub-villages. These are:

  1. Bungeni Big Tree Village (New Village, established in 2012)
  2. Bungeni xikhulu
  3. Dumani (Wayeni)
  4. Mabodhlongwa
  5. Mahatlani new Stands (New Village, established in 2009)
  6. Mahatlani
  7. Makhoma
  8. Mandela (New Village, established in 2000)
  9. Manyunyu
  10. Mtsetweni
  11. Nghonyama (New Village, established in 2010)
  12. Njhakanjhaka A (e-Gembani)
  13. Njhakanjhaka B (eXavunyami)
  14. Nwa-Mhandzi
  15. Tana na Pulani (New Village, established in 2005)
  16. Wayeni (Bellevue)
  17. WisaGalaza
  18. Xihambanyisi
  19. Xingowa
  20. Xitaci
  21. Xivambu

GPS: -23.20358, 30.19881


Theatre Companies

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