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THE FANTASTICAL FLEA CIRCUS - 2-hander Hailed as “Wonder-flea entertaining” (The Daily News) and “BIG fun from tiny stars” (The Mercury), The Fantastical Flea Circus, written and directed by Clinton Marius, is a fun-filled frolic show. The production’s Small Top antics continue to delight, as the Duchess and the Doctor put their troupe of performers through their paces. The magic and mayhem of this jolly show, which has been seen by thousands of children, saw it scooping all awards in the 2011 Durban Theatre Awards. (Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Children’s Production.) “Flecked with fun rhyming verse, and featuring some short songs … it’s a charming way to fill an hour and good value at the price of a ticket.” (Billy Suter, The Mercury). THE TRASH-HEAP TROLLS - 4-hander A jolly children’s show with unusual ‘garbage’ puppets that teaches youngsters about recycling and caring for the environment. THE CALF WITH NO NAME - 6-hander/ or 2-hander reading Featuring large and beautiful African puppets, this heart-warming story about a young Zulu boy and Nguni cattle teaches youngsters about honesty, taking responsibility for one’s actions, and doing the right thing. The play is currently published by Maskew Miller Longman in their Platinum Reader for Grade 8 English Second Language. The play for 6 performers (as well as a two-person read version) is available in English or isiZulu. The two-hander version can be performed by actors from the four major race groups, should schools in certain areas require this. IPUPPETI - 2-hander Filled with jolly puppets of all types, masks and a giant, this story teaches children the valuable lessons of self-acceptance, friendship, listening to parents, eating healthily, exercising, how damaging bullying can be, and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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The Fantastical Flea Circus
The Calf With No Name / Inkonyane Engenegama

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