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Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective


The true & the personal, in pursuit of truth & understanding


The Company

Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective was founded in 1992 when Peter was still a student.  The company was launched at The National Arts Festival with The Homosexuals (Out in Africa) the first play in South Africa to be directed, written and performed by out gay men.  The play also set two major themes for the company: personal and true stories, and work that focuses on gender and sexuality.

This said, the body of work is diverse and spans genrés  from cabaret to circus.  The more traditional ‘Personal Narrative’ plays often use these highly theatrical divices: I am Here includes hanging trapeze, and Ncamisa! Kiss the Women includes several songs.  Visual theatre and puppetry are emerging as a signature style, as can be seen in two plays in the company’s current repertoire, The Alchemist’s Heart  and SADAKO.

We are proud of the way the work tackles issues around which there is often silence.  These are often hard hitting and powerful pieces, that have led to a fair share of debate and controversy over the company’s political perspective: the work very delibrately strives for a world where we are all equal and free.

Notable productions include, The Fence, The Tricky Part, Pirate Jenni, and The Vagina Monologues.  Various productions have travelled to Europe, North America and Australia, and the company has won numerous awards, both in South Africa and abroad. The work has been recognised by academia, and referenced or been the subject of Masters and PHD dissertations.

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