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The Snow Goose

By Hello Elephant Theatre

  • Duration : 75 mins
  • Grade : Grade 7+
  • First language : English
  • Second language : English
  • Subject : Life Skills/Orientation, Creative Arts, Social Sciences, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, History
  • Theme : Identity, Discrimination, Prejudice, Life skills, Abuse, Gender roles, Relationships, Intra/interpersonal conflicts, National/global conflicts, Choices, Heroes, Family dynamics, Survival, Loss, Death, Tolerance, Fate/Free Will
An adaptation of Paul Gallico's classic novella The Snow Goose. Tells the story of storm tossed snow goose who brings together a young girl, Frith, and a reclusive hunch back outcast, Rhayader, together. Set against the second world war and the miracle of Dunkirk. The Snow Goose is a story about bravery and friendship.

Produced by KBT Productions, directed and designed by Jenine Collocott (Sunday Morning, Dirt, A Day in the Desert, High Diving), performed by James Cairns (Dirt, Three Little Pigs) and Taryn Bennett (Kaput!), adapted by the director and the cast.


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