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The Fantastical Flea Circus

By Copy Dog Productions

  • Duration : 50 minutes
  • First language : English
  • Second language : English
  • Subject : Dramatic Arts
  • Theme : Imagination, Creativity, Other
Hailed as ““Wonder-flea entertaining” (The Daily News) and “BIG fun from tiny stars” (The Mercury), The Fantastical Flea Circus is written by Clinton Marius, the creator of the popular radio soapie, Lollipop Lane.

A fun-filled frolic, The Fantastical Flea Circus (Durban Theatre Awards 2011 Best Children’s Production, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress) stars award-winning actors Shika Budhoo and Dhaveshan Govender who appear as the widely-respected Fleaoligist, Dr Dhaveshan, and his companion, the world-renowned singing sensation, the Duchess de Budhoo.

The production’s Small Top antics continue to delight children, from those just out of nappies to those with zimmer frame, as the Duchess and the Doctor put their troupe of performers - Flearoy, Fleanne, Fleadini, Justin Fleaber and Bruce Flea – through their paces.

Come join in the magic and mayhem of this jolly show. “Flecked with fun rhyming verse, and featuring some short songs … it’s a charming way to fill an hour and good value at the price of a ticket.” (Billy Suter, The Mercury).


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