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Bar Flies

By Untouchable Productions

  • Duration : 50min
  • Grade : Grade 10+
  • First language : Non-Verbal
  • Second language : English
  • Subject : Life Skills/Orientation, Creative Arts, Dance Studies, Design, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts
  • Theme : Sexuality, Identity, Self-image, Life skills, Violence, Abuse, Substance abuse, Gender roles, Relationships, Intra/interpersonal conflicts, Morality, Loss, Fate/Free Will, Imagination, Creativity
A barman, trapped by the codes of the bar that render him invisible; a flamboyantly macho cowboy, with a flair for the Argentine Tango; and a guarded woman, whose sensuous alter ego is released as she nurses her wine as if it were mother’s milk; all hover at the edge of existence, ever short of bridging the gaps between them. The one minute they’re keeping time to the music, the next they’ve slipped out of the real time of their unfulfilled lives and into the vacuous space of the bar. They flirt, fight, drink and forget, fuelled by the answers they find at the bottom of the glass.


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