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The Magic Water

By MORE Children's Theatre Company

  • Duration : 25 mins
  • Grade : -1 - 3
  • First language : English
  • Second language : English
  • Subject : Home/Additional Language, Life Skills/Orientation, Creative Arts, Music
The Magic Water is a tale of greed, jealousy, love and forgiveness. The central character is a cantankerous, yet lovable old woman, the mother of Brave, the village chief. She dotes on her son Brave and has enjoyed many years of his undivided attention. Her perfectly balanced life topples when Brave meets and falls in love with a beautiful young woman, Joy. They marry and soon she discovers that Brave no longer has time for her, he is otherwise engaged! Filled with disappointment she plots an evil plan to disrupt the happy couple’s married bliss.

Every morning Joy prepares a marvelous meal that she leaves to slowly stew over the coals for the day, and every day, Brave’s mother sneaks into their hut once they have gone to work in the fields, and scoffs all the food! Brave begins to wonder whether Joy is in fact cooking for them at all and decides to investigate. Needless to say, he is horrified to discover that it is his very own flesh and blood doing the dirty deed. In his fury Brave banishes his mother from the village and tells her that she can only return when she has found the Magic Water.

The legend of the Magic Water tells of an enchanted pool where no animals dwell - no fish, no frogs, no animal of any kind. As the old woman sets out to search the plains of southern Africa she has no inkling of what an adventure lies ahead of her…

Brave’s mothers journey of self-discovery introduces us to the creatures and plants that live and survive in and around the countless waterholes of southern Africa. Finally, on her last legs she finds not only the magic water but also through the painful process, her own and many others redemption. The tale concludes with her return to the village and her son’s forgiveness.
The Magic Water is full of crazy characters, songs and dance This classic tale weaves a quality children’s theatre experience of sheer magic.

Special Technical Requirements: Can be performed outside

The character of the old lady is a gem to behold.
'This show puts a smile on your face at the start and keeps it there till the end. It also adds a bit of local spice to the children's theatre bill of fare currently presented.' Lieske Bester Top of the Times Dec. 2005
The Magic Water has toured schools and the original production was performed at the Grahamstown festival 2006.


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