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"One Woman, One Show"

By Kate Liquorish

  • Duration : 1 hour
  • Grade : Grade 8+
  • First language : English
  • Second language : English
  • Subject : Life Skills/Orientation, Creative Arts, Dramatic Arts
  • Theme : Identity, Self-image, Prejudice, Life skills, Self-efficacy, Body awareness, Relationships, Choices, Morality, Heroes, Survival, Fate/Free Will, Imagination, Creativity
The naked truth of what it means to follow your heart.
A comedy.
In many ways a tragedy.
But mostly a comedy.

“One Woman, One Show” explores the reality of the stories that make or break us, it looks at what it takes to do what you believe in. A show that tackles self-image, identity and relationships, a ‘tragi-comedy’ that looks at the REAL world of 'showbiz'


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