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Umlambo Wobomi/River of Life

By Jungle Theatre Company

  • Duration : 40 minutes
  • Grade : R - 6
  • First language : English
  • Second language : Xhosa
  • Subject : Home/Additional Language, Life Skills/Orientation, Creative Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences
  • Theme : Environmental awareness, Climate Change, Illness and Disease, Poverty, Economics, Identity, Self-image, Life skills, Literacy, Relationships, Choices, Heroes, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Survival, Change, Imagination, Creativity
Umlambo Wobomi /River Of Life is an African fairy tale about a rural tribe and a special princess, who live by a beautiful river full of magical creatures. A glittering dancing trader comes from the city to sell the villagers strange items that cause problems for the river. The princess, tasked with solving the problem, goes on an adventure through a parched desert an enchanted forest and up a mighty mountain. She learns to speak the language of the river creatures in order to save the river for all.

Umlambo Wobomi/River of Life is a musical, physical, interactive production that takes learners on a journey of discovery beginning with water cycle and teaching about key issues such as water quality and pollution, water security and the important role that communities play in protecting this precious resource.

Umlambo Wobomi /River Of Life is 40 minutes in duration and is best suited for Grades R-3.

“It had an excellent message, preservation and conservation of water is very important, thank you for a fantastic presentation and message.” Kleinberg Primary

Umlambo Wobomi /River Of Life was created by the Laduma Jungle trainees as part of a 2 year skills development and job creation programme Laduma Jungle Training, funded by National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund. This is the first production workshopped by the young team that come from Ocean View, Langa and Khayelitsha. The play was directed by Vincent Meyburgh with assistance from Nimray Kruger and Mfundo Hashe. It was first performed for the City of Cape Town’s National Water Week programme at Ratanga Junction in March 2011 and went onto a public run at the Masque Theatre in July of that year. It was included in the Harlequin Foundation’s eMzantsi primary schools twinning programme as well as touring underprivileged schools in other communities in Cape Town. The show will be touring to the West Coast at the end of Feb 2016.


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