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The Last Drop

By Lunchbox Theatre

  • Duration : 30 minutes + 30 minute workshop
  • First language : English
  • Second language : Afrikaans
  • Subject : Biology, Home/Additional Language, Life Skills/Orientation, Natural Sciences, Evolution Science, Human Evolution
  • Theme : Environmental awareness, Climate Change, Life skills, Self-efficacy, National/global conflicts, Choices, Fate/Free Will, Imagination, Creativity, Other
Water is a hot topic. As one of our most vital resources it is so important for us all to understand why it is so important and how to conserve it. Our story starts in the year 2060 and we have just found the last drop of fresh water.
There are no more trees, no fruit or vegetables, we can no longer build houses and everyone is suffering. Something must be done!!
Join Neptune and his younger brother Triton as they try to save us all from this terrible drought. They are joined by the mad professor and the villain Davy Jones on a fun, interactive and informative journey through time searching for ways to put an end to the problems so we can save our future.
This program includes a 30-minute theatre show followed by a 30-minute interactive theatre workshop. The workshop acts a reminder of the themes raised in the show. It offers the learners an opportunity to come onto stage and enact various scenarios that are relevant to water conservation.
“EXCELLENT!! FUN WHILE LEARNING.” L Adams, Haarlem Secondary


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