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uNontombi the Musical

By Izodela

  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Grade : Grade 2+
  • First language : Zulu
  • Second language : English
  • Subject : Home/Additional Language, Life Skills/Orientation, Creative Arts, Dance Studies, Design, Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual Arts
  • Theme : Self-image, Life skills, Gender roles, Relationships, Intra/interpersonal conflicts, Choices, Family dynamics, Death, Tolerance, Other
uNontombi is a traditional musical play which portrays two men fighting over a beautiful woman in a Zulu village. the young man Mkhonto make use of traditional powers to win the love of uNontombi as our story continues the audience witnesses a crucial turn where love is taking its direction. we see mbuzini a close friend of Mkhonto betrays him by proposing uNontombi and only to find out that she loves Mbuzini more than Mkhonto.


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