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Turning Point

By Curtain Call African Spear Arts Production

  • Duration : 30 minutes
  • Grade : 10 - 12
  • First language : English
  • Second language : Xhosa
  • Subject : Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual Arts
  • Theme : Intra/interpersonal conflicts, Morality, Family dynamics
When a father of the house passed away he states on his will that he left 2.5 million for his son Zweli. Zoliswa the wife is not happy with that, because she was only given a house and then she decides to find ways to kill his son in order to get hold of the money. Zoliswa used Pastor Ngema to do the dirty work, she instructed Pastor Ngema to convince Zweli to transfer the money to her account. Zweli knew the set up and used his father's old plan the Purple Apple to find the real truth.


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