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By Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective

  • Duration : 90 minute
  • Grade : Grade 8+
  • First language : English
  • Second language : English
  • Subject : Home/Additional Language, Creative Arts, Design, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, History
  • Theme : Illness and Disease, Identity, Relationships, Morality, Family dynamics, Survival, Loss, Death, Cultural diversity, Imagination, Creativity
"My fest favourite... a human story that goes straight for the heart."
Kgomotso Moncho, The Star Tonight

"... clarity of vision and intent that is rare, an exquisitely moving true fable... adults can still be transfixed by a powerful yarn that appeals to our inner child”
Christine Kennedy, CUE

A poignant, bunraku-style puppet play for older children and adults based on the life of Sadako Sasaki. At two, Sadako survived the Hiroshima atom bomb but ten years later developed leukemia. A Japanese legend tells: ‘if you fold 1000 origami cranes, your wish will be granted’; Sadako began folding paper.

We leave our children a complicated legacy, growing up in a world where they face the consequences of adults’ actions: war; nuclear power; global warming; HIV. Sadako’s experience transcends culture and period and is able to speak to a contemporary South African or French youth audience. Young people who have shifted from picture books to art galleries; from nursery-rhymes to pop music. They are ready for theatre that can offer them cathartic and transformative experiences; challenge them with profoundly moving and thought provoking ideas. Sadako is real theatre for young people.


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