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Ilifa, The Inheritance

By Lunchbox Theatre

  • Duration : 45 minutes
  • Grade : 2 - 1
  • First language : English
  • Second language : Xhosa
  • Subject : Home/Additional Language, Life Skills/Orientation, Creative Arts, Social Sciences, Human Evolution
  • Theme : Poverty, Identity, Self-image, Discrimination, Prejudice, Life skills, Violence, Abuse, Self-efficacy, Relationships, Intra/interpersonal conflicts, National/global conflicts, Choices, Morality, Heroes, Group dynamics (peer pressure), Family dynamics, Survival, Change, Loss, Death, Cultural diversity, Tolerance, Fate/Free Will, Imagination, Creativity, Other
Children and adults alike are totally mesmerized by this adventure. They become totally emotionally involved as they watch the 'baddies' denying basic rights to the children they have taken prisoner. Being part of this highly interactive show, makes them feel excited when Themba is told he must find his Inheritance. Empathy when he is captured and used as a slave with other the children. Aappalled by the greedy gluttons who scoff at the notion that everyone is equal in South Africa, even children. Warmed by the loving guidance of the guardian angel. Repulsed by the anti-heroes. Shocked when Themba stands up for his rights and his fellow prisoners. Angry when the bad guy tries to hurt Themba. Protective of the children when they escape. And delighted when Themba triumphs and the rights of children which is their real inheritance are indelibly imprinted in their minds and emotions. Ilifa, which was inspired by the 40th anniversary of the National Arts Festival and the 20th anniversary of our democratic constitution, is a show that simply must not be missed!


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